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       Hengweixiang boasts professional new product R&D technists, quality control and inspection personnel and technique service personnel. Our company has developed a high-level and high effective technique service team. R&D Department has some senior engineers and the technical director has relevant R&D experience of over 30 years. By giving full play our technique and talent advantages and adhering to environment protection concept, R&D Department has kept making great breakthroughs and independently developed a series of high-effective and environment-protection products such as low-foaming ultrasonic cleaning surfactants by spraying and immersing, thus effectively improving the cleaning capacity of existing surfactants. Our professional technique service team will provide customers with professional technique guidance and perfect after-sales services.

Advantages of our products:

High efficiency        

-----Super oil removal ability, high efficiency and good durability for variety of stubborn stains.

Energy conservation

-----Most products can perfectly remove oil without high temperature,which helps save energy .    

-----Surfactants specially for degreasing and spraying are persistently in the state of low foam or free foam.

-----Resistance to strong alkali, strong acid, strong electrolyte solution.

-----Contain no solvents and have no special smell.

Environmental protection

-----Most of the products can be completely degraded.

-----Our products can meet various technical requirements of degreasing,dewaxing and ash removal production lines such as those of spraying,soaking,ultrasonic and electrolytic in room temperature, heating, alkali, neutral and acidic environment on surfactants .

      Hengweixiang will provide you with high-efficiency and environmentally-friendly products, professional technical guidance and prefect after-sales services!

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